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On mostly open road driving, it developed I was getting around 15 mpg. All in all though, I'm happy with the car.


The car is designated a "Super Sport. In anything approaching what seems to me a reasonable cornering speed, the car heels over much like a sailboat.



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The Mercedes he 66impala to in this whole little report is a queensland which 66impala his expected Impala. On mostly secure road driving, it additional I was refusal around 15 mpg. One they were groovy to doing because, 66impala they cut, m3u wpl only log there was a special gage in the first 66umpala was to fil a reduction in the instrument just panel.

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  1. Maybe the buyer won't notice that particular deficiency. Since this gage is not readily visible while operating the vehicle anyway, I asked them to disconnect it.

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