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Akora khattak postal code

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The Yousafzai conquered much of what was called Samah, in the olden days, from the Dilazak. Geology[ edit ] "In Lund Khwar, the surface near the hills is a strong bed of lime stone pebbles mixed with boulders of conglomerate". After Yousafzai Afghans, the next major tribe was the Khattaks , who settled here in the 15th century, in the time of their great chieftain, Malik Ako, who moved the capital of the Khattak Tribe from Teri a village in Karak District to Sarai Akora, the town which Akoray founded and built.

Akora khattak postal code

The people of the village contributed to the liberation of India in the 19th century by joining Syed Ahmad Shaheed Barelvi. During the reign of the Buddhist emperor Ashoka the grandson of Chandragupta Buddhism became the religion of the Peshawar Valley.

Akora khattak postal code

Akora khattak postal code

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  1. Geology[ edit ] "In Lund Khwar, the surface near the hills is a strong bed of lime stone pebbles mixed with boulders of conglomerate".

  2. This was justified on the basis that religious leaders and freedom fighters from the village joined forces against the English.

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