Morbid jealousy in alcoholism.

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Alcohol and jealousy

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Also, the presence of pathological jealousy in subjects with psychiatric disorders other than alcoholism is suggested, indicating the existence of predisposing and triggering factors which could explain the development of pathological jealousy. Nevertheless, recent studies do not completely support this relation, and draw attention to other factors. It is imperative that a full and detailed psychiatric history and mental state examination be recorded for the jealous partner; doing so may enable one to distinguish whether the jealousy is obsessional or delusional in nature.

Alcohol and jealousy

The findings show that those whose self-esteem depends on their relationship turn to alcohol to cope with feelings of jealousy. Some people equate morbid jealousy with a delusional state.

Alcohol and jealousy

Alcohol and jealousy

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  1. Environmental[ edit ] Some people even believe that someone who is morbidly jealous might suspect that he or she is being drugged or given some kind of substance that might decrease their sexual potency, or they might even be under the impression that their significant other has somehow received a sexually transmitted disease from another person while the subject is unaware. The name "Othello Syndrome" comes from the character in Shakespeare's play Othello , who murders his wife as a result of a false belief that she has been unfaithful.

  2. If partner related violence does not stop infidelity from happening the male mate will sometimes resort to suicide instead. If there is any history of relevant or related mental illness and substance misuse it should be noted as it may possibly be a contributing or aiding factor.

  3. It must be kept in mind that the jealous individual may be displacing blame for their issues onto their partner and their alleged infidelity as opposed to their own behavior.

  4. Mullen considered morbid jealousy to be associated with four features: A total of participants 87 percent female at a large southern university answered questions about how dependent their self-esteem is on their romantic relationship; the satisfaction, commitment and closeness in their relationship; their jealousy; and their alcohol use.

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