697 F. 2d 298 - Tole S. A. and Compania Anomina De Inversiones Venam v. Miller

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Lord Sunseer, a converted arcanist who wholly believed Fel was the way forward and the way to true power insisted that the family change their name to Felseer to honour the change. Ammonia losses are common when composting high nitrogen materials such as fresh grass clippings or manure, and are often accompanied by other nitrogen losses in runoff or infiltration. In this case it is the ammonium ion form that is bound.


The burial was held the evening after, the daughter of the House and now head of the Estate, Lady Anomina Sunseer, attended with a satisfied smile. Another factor affecting the magnitude of ammonia volatilization is pH. At large composting facilities these nitrogen losses could threaten surface or groundwater quality.



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  1. As her powers grew, so did her spite and resentment towards her tyrannical Father. Ammonia Odors Tom Richard Ammonia is among the most common odors found at composting facilities.

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