Medieval Arab lesbians and lesbian-like women.

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Arab lebian

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I did not want to risk putting people off by bringing up the fact that I was a lesbian, although in many cases, it was pretty clear that they knew. But although in my own country I felt a need to be out and to speak up in order to work for rights for all of us, in Arab countries I felt strongly that this was not my role. A culture of dependency, with jobs and funding coming from NGOs and government agencies, is the attendant risk.

Arab lebian

Where do the Middle East and the United States meet today? The combination of being back in his hometown, this pressure from his mother and his homosexuality causes him to have frequent panic attacks. The men speak openly about their experiences and the secretiveness of the lives they live.

Arab lebian

Arab lebian

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  1. The men speak openly about their experiences and the secretiveness of the lives they live. How was it clear that they knew?

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