10 Misconceptions About Cold and Flu

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Are colds contagious through kissing

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The researchers analyzed data from nearly 4, Canadian adults ages 65 and older and concluded that past exposure to vaccines against influenza, polio, diphtheria or tetanus may protect against subsequent development of Alzheimer's. Kissing someone on the mouth might spread germs, but the same could be said if you shook a person's hand or planted a smooch on a person's cheek when they had a runny nose.

Are colds contagious through kissing

But the effectiveness can also vary depending on the age and the health of the person getting the flu shot. To do this, an infected person must either sneeeze or cough near you so you inhale their infected droplets, or touch a surface, allowing you pick the virus up on your fingers a cold virus can live on a doorknob for hours.

Are colds contagious through kissing

Are colds contagious through kissing

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  1. Certainly, most adults get two to five colds a year schoolchildren can catch double this number. Finally, help doesn't have to be hi-tech:

  2. Yet few of us have a clue about how we get it or what to do to shake it off. Probably true Having sexual contact with someone doesn't put you at risk for cold or flu, Brownfield said.

  3. As you get older, your immune system is not as efficient as it once was and it's less likely to give as strong an immune response.

  4. In which case, the coughing and sniffles will have hopefully turned you off before you move in too close. True Once exposed to a cold or flu virus, there's an incubation period of a few days during which you might not have any outward signs of being sick.

  5. Indeed, "Any hot and tasty food or drink that promotes mucus is a good idea," says Eccles. There's no reason not to continue to go to school or work if you feel well enough.

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