Child marriage on the rise as conflict in Yemen continues

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Arranged marriage in yemen

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We could grow old and become teachers or doctors and then get married. On a recent afternoon, the remaining girls in her class could be seen playing in a sunny square outside her school. Above everything, the pressure that they receive from their parents prevail.

Arranged marriage in yemen

Four years and four kids after their wedding day, Kafa, now 17, has many cautioning tales for her sister. Young people often have their own cell phones, and use them to text or call members of the opposite sex.

Arranged marriage in yemen

Arranged marriage in yemen

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  1. This child was married to a man that was 5 times her age and too cruel to withhold himself until the girl was old enough to understand what was actually happening to her.

  2. I want to become a doctor, God willing," Halima told CNN, still dressed in her school uniform -- a forest green abaya and white headscarf. Landownership is concentrated within the dominant patrilineages, the result both of inheritance practices and marital strategies.

  3. If you see one go through pain, you feel a sharp needle in the pit of your stomach knowing that you would never want that for your own daughter. Choosing between a daughter and her dowry

  4. Who is a Yemeni child bride? Despite having taken her to the medic, she could not be saved and was pronounced dead.

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