Aashirwad Indian Food and Bar, Orlando

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Ashirwad orlando restaurant

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Even though this wasn't a fast lunch, I would happily recommend it for the frugal and hungry. My second trip to the mother lode was fraught with empty chafing dishes in one there were three florets of cauliflower and puddles of spilled curry sauce. It was absolutely the best thing I've tasted in a long time.

Ashirwad orlando restaurant

Still, the restaurant is in a strip mall on the corner of International Drive and Kirkman Road, and the dining room itself is nothing special, just a collection of booths and tables and Indian-inspired wall hangings. They keep the lights low, the music medium and the service high.

Ashirwad orlando restaurant

Ashirwad orlando restaurant

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  1. Yes No Unsure Does this property have a restaurant with braille menu or QR codes for guests with visual impairments? They also have salad and a rotating array of vegetarian items that make this buffet well worth the price of admission.

  2. Yes No Unsure Does this property have step-free access into the building to accommodate wheelchairs? Basically it's a Samosa with yogurt chutneys in a crispy fried basket which was wonderful.

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