Compatibility horoscope (synastry) by birth date of partners

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Astrology match by birthdate

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Venus Written in the Stars You are most compatible with life path numbers '2', '9', '8', and '1'. Mars Written in the Stars You are most compatible with life path numbers '2' and '6'.

Astrology match by birthdate

Because of this pleasing diplomatic nature, they are able to do wonders for a business, where a number 2 has the potential to take care of nitty-gritty details that others tend to oversee. Workplaces and situations that need a commanding hand, will benefit from a number 8's resilience to failure, and hard work.

Astrology match by birthdate

Astrology match by birthdate

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  1. Their motivational skills will get them far, as well as their natural ability to inspire those they chance upon.

  2. They embrace life and wish to make it worthwhile for others. Sun Written in the Stars You are most compatible with the life path numbers '3' and '5', since these two sorts of people can deal with your relentless energy.

  3. It is also good case, when the distance between the Suns is near to 60 degrees for example, it happens for Scorpio and Capricorn, or for Taurus and Cancer.

  4. Their communication skills are powerful, since they have a knack for negotiation and reasoning.

  5. Numerology and cardinal points - North, East, South, West Any thing can be expressed numerologically - also the cardinal points. This is what draws you towards them.

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