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Best love match for a taurus

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You'll find that some of these forums are generally positive in tone, and some are generally negative. And you are going to find an Aquarius to be really cold and unreliable.

Best love match for a taurus

But if you want to make it last longterm, you'll have to be prepared to face your inner demons and get vulnerable with your Libra lover. Taurus, your perfect love match is someone loyal, logical, faithful and kind.

Best love match for a taurus

Best love match for a taurus

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  1. You need a real astrology reading to understand a real relationship. Learn to communicate maturely!

  2. The least compatible signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Leo and Aquarius. You've found one of the best matches in the entire zodiac.

  3. They are also both highly sensitive, empathic signs that will naturally be able to listen and nurture each other through hard times and rough patches.

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