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Bets between couples

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Dancing and Drinks Take the winner dancing. People settle the immediate dispute by placing a wager on who is right, with the ante usually being a certain amount of money.

Bets between couples

So no matter what the argument or disagreement may be, big or small, one of these ten bets will make settling the difference that much sweeter. The folding process is where it gets irritating.

Bets between couples

Bets between couples

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With singles that have been together for even a large while, money very often tools its appeal as something to bet with. Special, it is an hot assign. There are some elongate espousal to acquire bets bets between couples a confined while seeing things fun.

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  1. No hostilities, just playfulness! Use the qualifier of a little, medium, or huge surprise.

  2. Restaurant Choices Allow the winner of the bet to choose their favorite restaurant to dine at for the evening. What a glorious night!

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