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Video about bgoo:

It was originally built without the banner hence the poor fit and no dump valve. It appeared a large chunk was missing. Here and there it was easy enough just to overlap the torn edges and sew them together.


Plan B came into force and we dragged it round and worked from the top down. I had a bowler-hatted fellow from the Arena Party on board and decided a short hop into the carpark would be far enough. For most of their life the Gas Balloons were flown by Joe Philp very ably assisted by his missus Heather.



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  1. Now some of you may remember that laid-back Aussie John Medlock, better known for flying the round Budweiser balloon. I seem to recall that there was a Henry Moore Exhibition on at the time and he managed to miraculously miss all the sculptures.

  2. I should have twigged it by the way it was leaning at a very jaunty angle spilling beer everywhere. The skirt was missing and the mouth, including the mouth tape, was a bit of a mess but quite repairable.

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