Lila’s Rules for Being a Biker’s Girl

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Biker old lady etiquette

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These gals love dating in that particular club or among other clubs. A great meal always brings people together and entertains great conversation.

Biker old lady etiquette

Here I will discuss some of the pros an cons of being a part of your Ol Mans life in the motorcycle lifestyle. There are times when you will encounter the pleasure of meeting the users of any group. There are so many other dynamics that are involved with getting to know a club than partying.

Biker old lady etiquette

Biker old lady etiquette

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  1. One of the ways I made friends and supported my Ol Man, was to make sure that I prepared and planned ahead for meals and camping amenities. This time is where your Ol Man has the decision whether or not the club is right for him and you too.

  2. But at the end of the day, if we want to continue to be a part of their lives we need to learn their rules and live by them.

  3. This can be dangerous and if found out she most likely will not be allowed at club functions anymore. These sisters will be there for you and you will be inclined to reciprocate.

  4. My experiences with my Ol Man and myself getting to know a club will differ from yours but I wanted to share a few topics I wish that I knew from the beginning.

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