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Boaz parents

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During these times, the Israelites did not tie the reigns of their kings or other Biblical events to any calendar dates. As soon as the way was clear, under cover of night, she let the spies down from the window in the wall and, knowing the country, guided the spies in the best way to escape capture. In conclusion, what are the lessons to be gathered from the harlot whom God used to fulfill His purpose?

Boaz parents

The popular consensus among scholars and historians however, place the events near the end of the era of the Judges. Here were two men, different from other men who came seeking her favors. After the incarnation, the Scriptures also confirm the prophecies Mt 1, Lk 3, Heb 7:

Boaz parents

Boaz parents

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  1. The Bible, however, makes no attempt to smooth over the unpleasant fact that Rahab had been a harlot. The dowry that was brought to be handed down the generations to David's son Solomon:

  2. More importantly, we can find internal evidence by comparing our list of four generations in Ruth 4 Salmon to David with the genealogy of the Levite priests over the same time span in 1Chronicles 6:

  3. Since the first son of Ruth and a kinsman of her late husband would be deemed the legal offspring of the decedent and heir to Elimelech, the other kinsman defers to Boaz. If as our reading of the Eden story says Messiah is to end the subjugation of women, then women who are free and self-determining must contribute to Messiah's inheritance.

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