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Body language blinking

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When they are delivering a speech or presentation, looking up may be their recalling their prepared words. They will think you are still looking in their eyes.

Body language blinking

If they decide to stare back, then the people 'lock eyes' and this may become a competition with the loser being the person who looks away first. Can you tell me more about the reason for that? Also, keep in mind that some people are simply uncomfortable with direct eye contact and may avoid the gaze of people - even loved ones.

Body language blinking

Body language blinking

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  1. Blinking also protects the eyes from something damaging from flying into them or from bright lights. Blink rate tends to increase when people are thinking more or are feeling stressed.

  2. This also helps them watch your body language for signs of detection. Fast Blinking Eye blinking tends to increase as stress increases.

  3. This works in reverse, so if you manage the time available to look at things, the item viewed the most is more likely to be that which is chosen.

  4. Glancing may indicate a desire to gaze at something or someone where it is forbidden to look for a prolonged period.

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