Nonsurgical breast enlargement using an external soft-tissue expansion system.

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Breast enhancement suction cups

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The Brava system is designed to increase breast size by using vacuum pressure. Partial recoil was seen in the first week after terminating treatment, with no significant further size reduction after up to 30 weeks of follow-up.

Breast enhancement suction cups

The "Brava" is only available through doctors who have been trained by the developers. The stable long-term increase in breast size was 55 percent range, 15 to percent.

Breast enhancement suction cups

Breast enhancement suction cups

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  1. Breast size was measured by three separate methods at regular intervals during and after treatment. He said vacuum technology was already used to help clear wounds of infected tissue.

  2. Some get results faster than others, but if you use it correctly, you grow Dr Roger Khouri The theory is that subjecting the breast to sustained tension stimulates the cells to multiply, and to grow new breast tissue. Less than 1 percent of the women interested in having larger breasts elect to have surgical augmentation mammaplasty with insertion of breast implants.

  3. Partial recoil was seen in the first week after terminating treatment, with no significant further size reduction after up to 30 weeks of follow-up. Also held in place under the bra is a small rechargeable power pack.

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