American and British English spelling differences

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British dating etiquette

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British spellings calibre , centre , fibre , goitre , litre , lustre , manoeuvre , meagre , metre , mitre , nitre , ochre , reconnoitre , sabre , saltpetre , sepulchre , sombre , spectre , theatre see exceptions and titre all have -er in American spelling. The e is dropped for other derivations, for example, central, fibrous, spectral.

British dating etiquette

The e preceding the r is kept in American inflected forms of nouns and verbs, for example, fibers, reconnoitered, centering, which are fibres, reconnoitred, and centring respectively in British English. Proper names such as Pearl Harbor or Sydney Harbour are usually spelled according to their native-variety spelling vocabulary. Commonwealth usage[ edit ] Commonwealth countries normally follow British usage.

British dating etiquette

British dating etiquette

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  1. For the most part, the spelling systems of most Commonwealth countries and Ireland closely resemble the British system.

  2. The British form aeroplane is an instance compare other aero- words such as aerosol. Commonwealth usage[ edit ] The -re endings are mostly standard throughout the Commonwealth.

  3. For example, analyse comes from French analyser, formed by haplology from the French analysiser, [70] which would be spelled analysise or analysize in English. The -er spellings are recognized as minor variants in Canada, partly due to American influence, and are sometimes used in proper names such as Toronto's controversially named Centerpoint Mall.

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