Captain Telegram's Hot Air

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Captain telegram hot air balloon

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After this incident he remained tethered to the ground by which he could be reeled in at a moment's notice. For radio and television stations outside the Columbia,SC area, I can report your traffic as well.

Captain telegram hot air balloon

On 24 September , he was directed to position himself at Fort Corcoran , south of Washington, to ascend and overlook the Confederate encampments at Falls Church, Virginia, at a distance further south. They also required special handling and care for use on the battlefield.

Captain telegram hot air balloon

Captain telegram hot air balloon

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  1. All these men were aeronauts of extraordinary qualification in aviation of the day. A second balloon was put into action in the summer of , when it was blown from its mooring and taken by Union forces and divided up as souvenirs for members of the Federal Congress.

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