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Carswell afb

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The USAF serial number was painted in black on the fin over a horizontal red stripe across the length of the fin. In the s the 7th received several new weapons systems, including modified BH aircraft. First leg at average speed of

Carswell afb

In May, General Jacob E. Within a month, 51 of the base's Peacemakers had been returned to service and the division was again declared operational.

Carswell afb

Carswell afb

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  1. This would become the first Boeing B Stratofortress unit at Carswell. Fickel had learned to fly at Carruthers Field in

  2. On 16 February the 11th Bombardment Wing was activated and the group was assigned to it, although all group resources were transferred to the wing until the group was inactivated in June

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