Romanticism in Literature: Definition & Characteristics

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Characteristics of literary romanticism

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Their writings often ponder the deeper meaning of life in light of the history of ancient lands. We will define the Romantic movement by examining and exploring some of its most important characteristics.

Characteristics of literary romanticism

Literature was becoming a thing of the common people, who wanted their stories to reflect their lives, not just those of royalty and military generals. Romanticism in literature is difficult to define simply.

Characteristics of literary romanticism

Characteristics of literary romanticism

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  1. Authors of this school often chose unusual settings from the past or future, settings with magical or mythic elements or even off-planet. Prior to this, poets, artists, philosophers and political activists were claiming that ordinary people had a right to their share of the wealth.

  2. The heroes were often patriots or folk heroes who helped to form a nation and protect it from outside influences. Their writings often ponder the deeper meaning of life in light of the history of ancient lands.

  3. The emerging wealth of the mercantile class, or nouveau riche, saw much pressure to alter legislation concerning ownership of freehold title, and this was seen to in the late s under the reign of Queen Victoria.

  4. When they turned to classical ideas of Greek and Roman literature, it was the mystical elements that they drew upon.

  5. William Wordsworth summed up Romantic Poetry perfectly when he called it 'the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. Literature of the previous age was marked by clear, objective rationality.

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