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The engine was not intercooled and used a small t3 Garrett turbo. Suspensions, interior, and brakes were also redesigned. The new Charger was Dodge's attempt at moving the model into the growing personal luxury car market segment.


Building the bus routes of the future Utility Dive reports that bus maker New Flyer has created a new division to help public and private transit agencies plan routing and infrastructure for electric buses. A more aerodynamic shape formed the Charger model that became the basis for the Dodge Charger Daytona.



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  1. The infrastructure question is an important one when it comes to managing fleets of buses.

  2. This year also saw the return of the SRT-8 to the model lineup. The 4-speed automatic transmission was replaced with the 5-speed A auto.

  3. This generation was available with a V6 and V8 engine options coupled to automatic transmissions, as well as all-wheel drive AWD. New Flyer claims that it's the first bus maker in North America to offer all these services in one.

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