Chincoteague refuge features many more critters than just ponies

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Chincoteague females

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There is a bike rental place directly across the street from the restaurant next to your hotel across from The Sea Shell Cafe in front of the Refuge Motel where you can get bikes to ride into the park -- a great way to see it. When I saw him with that glop running down his face I had to laugh. One night we netted the biggest seahorse I've ever seen.

Chincoteague females

When I saw him with that glop running down his face I had to laugh. But all those other critters are sweet icing on the cake.

Chincoteague females

Chincoteague females

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  1. They were on the endangered species list and needed protection but the biologists could find only 30 in this country. A good portion of their education came from Chincoteague and Assateague islands.

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