Chinese Dating Rules

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Chinese courtship

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I understand that divorce is also very much stigmatized in some parts of the country and within some social circles. I found the following table on Renren as a guide to dating and after looking at it: And on the third date, in the west, this usually means the end dates with you sleeping together, but in China, this is an indicator that both parties are seriously considering a wedding shortly.

Chinese courtship

If you find yourself in these circumstances you should gauge the personality of the man. The battle of the sexes: Couples in the second stage of dating may go out together without friends, but only very discreetly.

Chinese courtship

Chinese courtship

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  1. Whereas my American frame of reference for and concept of dating means I see a person a few separate times, maybe even over the course of several months with the goal of determining whether I like the person enough to get more serious or whether I just want to have fun and even see other people; Chinese etiquette seems to dictate that one or two dates justifies a full on, serious committed relationship.

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