Kalash Girls in Rumbur, Chitral, Pakistan - June 2006

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Chitrali girl photo

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How was your experience? It includes day dancing and family re-unions and runs for 4 6 days in mid-May.

Chitrali girl photo

We have compiled 35 amazing pictures of Kalash Valley that reveal the lifestyle, traditions, and culture of the people of Kalash. Let us know in the comments sections below. In old days ceremonial acolytes had to be virgin boys.

Chitrali girl photo

Chitrali girl photo

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  1. Most Kalasha are Mediterranean looking. They are seen as Nuristanis or Shiekhs by Kalasha.

  2. In Bumburet it is closed to Muslims but not non-Muslim foreigners and then expected to take part. In old days ceremonial acolytes had to be virgin boys.

  3. Between the13th and 16th centuries the Chitralis gradually subdued the Kalasha. Ceremonial versions can be spectacular with exotic embroidery, mounds of bead necklaces, bells and plumes.

  4. The primary source of earning in the valley is tourism, rearing goats and sheep, and growing walnuts. The women wear voluminous black or brown dresses reaching to ground, bound at the waist with a sash.

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