Only the brave walk LAs most dangerous streets

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Compton california ghetto

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Still, residents routinely fill City Council meetings to complain about large potholes and discarded furniture littering the sidewalks. Coming up with an angle for this article was quite difficult. The movement of African-Americans into Compton occurred after the US government stated that racially discriminated housing zones, when only a specific race can live and reside in a community, was unconstitutional.

Compton california ghetto

Even as it still struggles with poverty and unemployment, crime especially homicides has plummeted. The name comes from Piru street.

Compton california ghetto

Compton california ghetto

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  1. Don't let the looks throw you off bro. Transit Center, a 10,square-foot office and retail center, which welcomes rail and bus commuters to town with a foot-tall "Compton" sign.

  2. Much of the towers are made from scrap metal and found materials like, soft drink bottles, seashells, stones and mirrors. We were told many stories about the history of the various parts of the hood that we visited, and what various areas were known for.

  3. I asked- hey man.. Compton made the national list for best places to start and grow a business, and ranked 2 in Los Angeles County out of a field of 88 cities.

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