How To Get Rid Of A Hickey

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Covering a hickey

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Rub the comb up and down over the hickey keeping it wet, so you will need to keep applying water. Alternatively this can also be done by placing a metal spoon in the freezer until chilled and applying it to the affected area. Take loaded powder puff and press onto skin, being careful not to swipe away or else it will remove the coverage.

Covering a hickey

Nesochi Okeke-Igbokwe explains it, the size of these vessels also contributes to why hickeys show up so prominently. Here are a few time-tested methods for erasing those embarrassing love bites or at least minimizing their appearance.

Covering a hickey

Covering a hickey

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  1. But in the event that your folks or even worse, hers aren't going to be willing to overlook that mark on your neck even after you've dropped some science and history facts on them about why this whole thing is completely normal, you're probably going to want to try and get rid of it as best as you can, as quickly as possible.

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