Cowtown Paintball Park - Cowtown Range

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Cowtown paintball

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The area surrounding Cowtown was very remote when Ron Nix began construction on the western village, and it remains nearly unchanged since that time. Cota and his family became hooked and soon began playing competitive paintball. Cowtown Paintball lies off of Carefree Highway.

Cowtown paintball

The village was comprised of small storefronts that housed food, beverage, and souvenir shops and was well suited for movie making as well as cowboy fast-draw shooting competitions. The East Range also boasts a x 50 yard target range.

Cowtown paintball

Cowtown paintball

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  1. Elimination A team or individual player must eliminate all of the opposing team members. Cota cranked up his entrepreneurial gears and opened his own paintball store on 19th Ave and Indian School.

  2. In addition to Cowtown, Cota also has a screen printing business, Phoenix Tee Shirts, housed out of his original paintball shop on 19th Ave. Here avid paint-ballers of all ages run, crawl, dodge, stalk and zero in on their quarry in the bunkers and obstacles.

  3. Wanting to stay in South Phoenix, he moved to 43rd Ave and Broadway, where he rented land.

  4. Bay 1 is approximately 80 x 65 yards. Several of the targets are small diameter AR steel, making it challenging to shoot and rewarding to hear.

  5. East Range Platform Our largest platform, the East Platform, features a large covered platform with AR steel targets within a beautiful desert valley backdrop! The East Range also boasts a x 50 yard target range.

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