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Define undercover

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Any legal issues in question should be reviewed with the District Attorney of the county in which the surveillance is being conducted prior to the beginning of the operation. The SAC shall be kept advised of all on-going surveillance operations.

Define undercover

Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies Companies hope to generate buzz for products in a way that is not overly obvious. Researchers also gather new information through surveys and by interviewing people from a product's target demographic.

Define undercover

Define undercover

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  1. Sometimes, police might driver an unmarked vehicle or even go further and drive a vehicle which looks like a taxi.

  2. The Virtual World, Naturally Undercover marketers who use Internet platforms are taking advantage of a rich, growing field.

  3. The case agent shall retain responsibility for the case following the termination of undercover activity. There are no tobacco TV commercials, few magazine ads, and some product placement in R-rated movies.

  4. A list of the equipment to be used by the undercover agent including automobiles, radios, buy money, or other similar items; f. Furthermore, it often involves team members who come from non-marketing backgrounds, specifically for the role of undercover marketing agent.

  5. If the undercover operation uses sworn members currently assigned to another district, the SAC of the requesting district should coordinate the request with the SAC of the other district. He didn't talk it up, he didn't offer a special deal with it, and he didn't call attention to the logo on the bottle.

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