Do guys prefer short girls or tall girls?

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Do guys like tall girls or short girls

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I already knew I wasn't strong enough to lift it over my head because I had already tried. As for me, I am a tall skinny guy who stands 6-foot-1 so I gravitated toward short heavyset girls.

Do guys like tall girls or short girls

Therefore, the relatively small data-set and abnormal height distribution of respondents likely skewed the results. She stood only 4-foot-9 but she weighed in at a massive pounds while I weighed in at a measly pounds 10 lbs skinnier than I am right now even though I towered over her by an incredible sixteen inches!

Do guys like tall girls or short girls

Do guys like tall girls or short girls

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  1. Certainly tall women have the following advantages Clothes fall and drape more naturally on taller women. Finally, it should also be mentioned that height selection and preference is a relative thing.

  2. All of these attributes make taller women especially suited for the modelling profession.

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