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Do guys prefer blondes

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I had matches, meaning just over half of the men I swiped on swiped on me too. It was reflected precisely in the number of total matches I received over the three day period.

Do guys prefer blondes

They have opinions, believe them to be right, and they'll argue the crap out of them in order to prove herself accurate. In a study between both men and women, gals with light brown hair were rated a nine out of ten on the trustworthy scale, the highest rating of any other hair hue.

Do guys prefer blondes

Do guys prefer blondes

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  1. They typically work harder, prioritize goals, and respects the workplace more often, too. With the variety of shades of strands that ladies can rock from platinum to rainbow guys have a literal prism of options before them.

  2. There must be something in those hair follicles, because this knowledge that they're more valued can also create a deeper confidence in the workplace, translating into an ability to share ideas and accept promotions.

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