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Doggy hair pull

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If you do feel your fingers slipping then you may need to use a little more powder. Then either use your fingers or the forceps to grip a small amount of hair at a time and give it a sharp pluck.

Doggy hair pull

Should your dog or cat have a painful ear condition or discharge from the ear, see your veterinarian. You may need to give the dog a rest in between every couple of plucks. Put a Stop to Mouthing Consistency is the key to preventing any undesirable behavior.

Doggy hair pull

Doggy hair pull

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  1. If your dog does not have a lot of inner ear fluff you might like to trim back what there is with a pair of straight edged scissors. Instead, freezing in place and avoiding a reaction as much as is possible standing still, looking down and away from the dog, remaining motionless and tucking hands under in a cross armed position is more likely to cause loss of interest.

  2. Encouraging a dog to play by biting at human hands , skin, hair or clothes is inadvisable. Screaming, shrieking or pushing the dog down or away are other reactions that feed energy into the already excitable dog.

  3. Any and all mouthing of hands, skin or clothing should result in immediate removal of the hand or body part and a minute or two of no social interaction with the puppy. This will keep the ear canal clear and tidy.

  4. My dog sometimes pulls on pants and sleeves. Screaming, shrieking or pushing the dog down or away are other reactions that feed energy into the already excitable dog.

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