D is for Doozie or doozy. Or doosy. Or doosie.

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Known for diffusing situations and promoting healthy bad-guy slaying. Company founder, and still somewhat egotistical about it!


It was decided to train me to punch a tape when one was leeded. And we happily accept any new players as old friends move on to other games.



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  1. We've officially become casual gamers, and in our opinion, those are the best kind. Need the Achilles helmet?

  2. And that's exactly what we'll do. We may even wind up being one of the best Spartan companies in existence though I sort of doubt it, as we just don't have the time to invest into video games anymore.

  3. Now we're just senile old men with poor reflexes, careers, families, and I think we can all agree , the best thing there is in life I went over to the machine and the parts were out of the chucks, the chuck jaws were all messed up, there were two very large too holders in the chip conveyor and I learned later that the slide was knocked out of whack.

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