Drew Pizzulo

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Drew pizzulo

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Only using vocal effects to enhance phrasing and add some width to his vocals. As a result chance creates pacing, not the studio.

Drew pizzulo

A former season 6 American Idol contestant, Drew has given hundreds of live performances of both original and cover material in the USA and international cruise lines. Having the right songs back to back to back help keep the listening audience more focused on the overall project. The art of pacing has started to become a lost art as music is listened to on small hand held devices.

Drew pizzulo

Drew pizzulo

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  1. His sound is similar to what you would hear on late night spanish televison stations as they bring out the hot looking heart throb to sing a ballod for the ladies who sat through an hour of poor comedy skits and tired interviews to get to the main event. He sounds comfortable with his sound and has enough experience making records to settled into a sound all his own.

  2. The recording was pristine and the delivery was spot on. Drew Pizzulo has had years of experience making music.

  3. He sounds like an International super star who knows he has what it takes to own a listening audience.

  4. He sounds comfortable with his sound and has enough experience making records to settled into a sound all his own. If you love a good ballod and a vocalist to deliver a perfect performance Drew Pizzulo is the answer.

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