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Dublin 8 escort

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Looking northward up O'Connell Street during the riots. Plunkett joined Casement in Germany the following year.

Dublin 8 escort

Furthermore, Casement was captured shortly after he landed at Banna Strand. Heuston had been ordered to hold his position for a few hours, to delay the British, but had held on for three days. While the stand off on O'Connell Street was still going on, several hundred rioters followed the Unionist coaches to the Nassau Street area where they set alight a number of cars and damaged several businesses.

Dublin 8 escort

Dublin 8 escort

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  1. Disguised as a Norwegian ship called the Aud , it was loaded with 20, rifles, one million rounds of ammunition, and explosives.

  2. Cathal Brugha , a rebel officer, distinguished himself in this action and was badly wounded.

  3. As they approached the gate a lone and unarmed police sentry, James O'Brien, attempted to stop them and was shot dead by Connolly. For instance several bystanders were attacked and a woman who was five months pregnant was punched in the stomach.

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