Dunthorpe, Oregon

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Dunthorpe oregon

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The popular city surrounding a acre lake provides year-round community activities, exceptional restaurants, a thriving Saturday Market and vibrant arts culture. It's like the upper end of Raleigh Hills and then eastward.

Dunthorpe oregon

Check out the area near what I think is Hamilton Rd.. Just minutes south of downtown Portland, the affluent suburb boasts stately homes on large parcels. As well as the home off Burnside after it rises up out of Portland to the west.

Dunthorpe oregon

Dunthorpe oregon

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View full act John M. McDonald set the dunthorpe oregon are one of the largest dreams buyers look in this constituent.
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  1. If this is the area that you wish to explore, please call John at for immediate service. And I'm guessing that you would love many of the residencial properties and home in the west hills around Council Crest park - all over that hill.

  2. I remember when I once lived there I was very, very young well over 20 years ago I drove a delivery van for a living and frequented all the best restaurants and high end markets. The remodeling included replacing almost all the old lath-and-plaster walls with Sheetrock, adding hardwood floor, new tile and all-new kitchen features.

  3. It's like the upper end of Raleigh Hills and then eastward. Time on the market for homes for sale in Dunthorpe is all over the map.

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