The Egyptian marriage culture

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Egyptian marriage traditions

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If the deceased had mistreated others and not lived a good life, then this reunion might not occur and the deceased could suffer consequences in subsequent lives. An ancient and disgusting tradition was that the wealthy Egyptian men believed that it was distasteful to consummate the marriage with the virgin brides.

Egyptian marriage traditions

Her lineage is unclear but a cartouche of Pharaoh Ay indicates that she may be a distant relative of his. Many images have survived that depict them in proximity, smiling at each other and proffering flowers or gifts.

Egyptian marriage traditions

Egyptian marriage traditions

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  1. The ancient Egyptians had an engagement period in order for the couple to become familiar with each other.

  2. Her lineage is unclear but a cartouche of Pharaoh Ay indicates that she may be a distant relative of his. Read on to know more about the customs and traditions of an Egyptian wedding.

  3. Usually, documents were drawn up that detailed items specifically belonging to the wife and those items that the husband was bestowing upon her, but there were no documents required stating that the couple was married. Source The wedding ceremony of Egypt is highly influenced by the Arab and African traditions.

  4. This is probably an old Christian tradition but it is done whether the couple is Moslem or Christian.

  5. Legally, the boy and girl are husband and wife, but they cannot stay together until their friends and relatives have attended the wedding party.

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