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Ellen fein

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And one can't help feeling a certain satisfaction that someone who told millions of women the best way to marital bliss is not to talk much on dates may be reconsidering her position. It's too easy to dismiss The Rules, to mock them for their earnestness and deplore them for their sexist, condescending attitude towards women.

Ellen fein

So what went wrong? To let him choose the place. But it seems that The Rules tapped into a larger anxiety in the culture; in their simplistic, jingoistic way, they expressed a need, a yearning, a worry about old-fashioned courtship that is worth taking into account.

Ellen fein

Ellen fein

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  1. The journalist who calls strangers all day long for a living may wait for a man to call her for dinner.

  2. She and her co-author, Sherrie Schneider, suggest that women should defer to their husbands, and recommend that they grow their hair, as men find long hair more attractive. Because this silly paper-back, with pink ribbons all over its cover, obviously captured the imagination of millions of women all over the world.

  3. And suddenly the comically old-fashioned way of doing things, with dates and flowers and rings, starts to seem more desirable.

  4. For women, I think it is not so much about "capturing Mr Right" as about capturing an image of ourselves that we find appealing.

  5. For women, I think it is not so much about "capturing Mr Right" as about capturing an image of ourselves that we find appealing.

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