Can i make a draft of an Evite and send it to others for approval?

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Evite drafts

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Video about evite drafts:

In all cases, the header fields of the message are presented to the signing algorithm first in the order indicated by the signature header field and canonicalized using the indicated algorithm. This of course presumes that these keys are used in other services in the future. While some domains may wish to make selector values well known, others will want to take care not to allocate selector names in a way that allows harvesting of data by outside parties.

Evite drafts

We believe that for the vast majority of cases, the "simple" body canonicalization algorithm should be sufficient. Tags that have an empty value are not the same as omitted tags.

Evite drafts

Evite drafts

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  1. At the end of the transition period, the "january" public key is removed from the public-key repository. Verifiers for a given service type MUST ignore this record if the appropriate type is not listed.

  2. If the signer wishes to sign two existing Received header fields, and the existing header contains:

  3. In particular, the signing process can safely insert FWS in this value in arbitrary places to conform to line-length limits.

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