Men can detect when women are ovulating

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Female pheromones during ovulation

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The participants sat at tables while the glass jars were randomly circulated between the tables. The results showed that men prefer the body odors of a woman in the ovulatory phase, which led investigators to suggest that ovulation may not be totally concealed from pair-bonded males. Participants were told to take their time and to sample as much of each beverage as needed to arrive at a decision.

Female pheromones during ovulation

To examine the possible adaptive value of the phenomenon, it is necessary to study whether the ability to detect ovulation is confined to males. Thus, the design is similar to the repeated-measures design with the T-shirts as subjects, PILL as a between-subjects factor, and SEX as a within-subject factor.

Female pheromones during ovulation

Female pheromones during ovulation

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  1. The debriefing session included manipulation checks for the entire procedure, including the credibility of the beverage as an authentic beer.

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