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Fingerhut corp

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Although she felt Agreat on her return to work, as time went on her symptoms in her low back returned. The employee remained at work until April 22, The employee also points out that in his deposition Dr.

Fingerhut corp

A provocative discography was performed at spinal levels L, L and L on March 6, The employee appeals from the denial of payment for the fusion surgeries and claims for subsequent wage loss. She indicated that her symptoms resolved within 24 hours of receiving pain medication.

Fingerhut corp

Fingerhut corp

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  1. Plaintiffs also seek an extension of the dates in the current case management order to accommodate two additional non-party depositions. Watts on April 1,

  2. Thereafter, until her Gillette injury [1] of January 15, , she served in a number of different capacities for the employer. Watts on September 11,

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