How to resolve the pain of hurts you forgave but can't forget

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Forgiving and forgetting infidelity

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Can you understand it? We must forgive our spouses in the same way, even when we cannot forget the offense. Am I finding the balance between dealing with my painful memories and seeking positive interaction with my spouse?

Forgiving and forgetting infidelity

It may well end up even better than the first in lots of ways! You are able to cast off a burden only God can bear.

Forgiving and forgetting infidelity

Forgiving and forgetting infidelity

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  1. The apostle Paul wrote, "So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. Be prepared to change All of the above looks after you, the wronged party.

  2. The answer is this: If so, understand that doing so inevitably involves accepting some degree of risk - that you'll be hurt again.

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