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Fraternizing in the military

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Marriages between US soldiers and Austrian women were not permitted until January and with German women until December Professional and college-level sports teams in the US have enacted anti-fraternization policies between athletes and cheerleaders. In September, the policy was abandoned in Austria and Germany.

Fraternizing in the military

It was for the orphans… How could you have known that you both like to spend Christmas in Hawaii? Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery , Eisenhower's counterpart, was against the ban, and it was lifted in July

Fraternizing in the military

Fraternizing in the military

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  1. In spite of the ban, soldiers still knowingly had contact with local women, especially civilian employees. The decisions and the policies they protect have, however, been criticized on various grounds:

  2. Very few American football teams [4] allow casual contacts between players and cheerleaders.

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