Fun Physical Activities for Kids-Free Exercise Tips for Children

There are many fun games and physical activities that parents can teach kids, and the best news is once children are used to physical activity as part of their daily routine they practically beg you to let them have fun with these physical activities.

Outdoor Games and Physical Activities for Kids


There are many different kinds of tag games, but all involve running or chasing and are excellent physical exercise. Freeze tag, where you are “frozen” if you are touched but can be “unfrozen” by the touch of another player, is a highly popular tag game among younger children.

Relay and racing games are other great outdoor activities for children, especially with larger groups of kids, and not only are good exercise but offer good opportunities to practice cooperation and model good social behavior.

Another great outdoor activity is a tug of war or even a multi-way tug of war. And tug of wars are more than another fun activity for kids or adults of all ages, they also encourage communication and cooperation as well as strategic thinking.

Indoor Activities for Children

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Having fun playing with balloons is an excellent relatively low-energy, but highly entertaining activity that is particularly suitable for toddlers and younger children. There are many fun balloon-related activities, ranging from balloon juggling and chasing to balloon stuffing to balloon volleyball.

Fun and easy stretching exercises such as the “chicken stretch” and the “wobbly body” are other classic indoor activities, and are excellent both for warming up and cooling down before and after physical exercise.

Music and dancing is another great way to get kids involved in physical activity. Children are naturally musical. Even toddlers who can barely walk often sway and dance when they hear music. And music is also good therapy for kids who are upset or even just feeling a bit out of sorts on a particular day.

Pantomime and role-playing games like mirror image (where two children try to imitate each other) or Giants, Wizards, and Elves (a role-playing game where Wizards trump Giants) are also fun and entertaining indoor physical activities that give kids a chance to stretch their imaginations.

Yoga for Kids

Over the last couple of decades yoga for kids has exploded in popularity almost as much as yoga for adults. There are dozens of books and videos on the subject and many yoga studios now offer regular yoga for kids classes. Most of these classes focus on entertaining animal poses and movements, and are usually designed to be fun and easy. Inevitably the kids will get a good workout in a half-hour yoga class.