Instagram users mistakenly believe new question feature is anonymous

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Funny askfm answers

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Forums such as ASKfm were notorious because users could respond to questions totally incognito. Are there any movies you loved but hated the guts out of the ending? I've been out all day so only just had a chance to check back on here.

Funny askfm answers

Who gets the room? What if they asked for your consent? So what can parents do?

Funny askfm answers

Funny askfm answers

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  1. I'm looking forward to printing them all out and finding out what our answers are. If you could have something named after you as a memorial what would you choose?

  2. But the openness of the Web does have some drawbacks, particularly for children who may not have the greatest judgement or the highest self-esteem at this point in their lives.

  3. And this is just the tip of the iceberg many profiles are dominated by these types of messages.

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