What Is a Gastroenterologist?

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Aside from these common procedures, the following is a list of gastrointestinal procedures employed by gastroenterologists or gastroenterologist: Physicians who meet the difficult requirements of the American College of Physicians or the American College of Gastroenterology may receive special recognition from these organizations.


Aside from these common procedures, the following is a list of gastrointestinal procedures employed by gastroenterologists or gastroenterologist: Following completion of this residency, the physician internist may continue on to specialize in gastroenterology by entering a gastroenterology fellowship.



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  1. This includes tests like blood test, colonoscopy, rectoscopy, gastroscopy, among others which are done in the hospital or a well-equipped clinic. Medical doctors who specialize on the digestive system are well known as gastroenterologists rather than gastrologists.

  2. They are highly-trained specialists who can provide comprehensive medical care to these patients.

  3. They often serve as consultants to other physicians and may work in the research field. This allows the gastroenterologist to visually inspect the rectum for problems.

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