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Gay indo

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A culture will go by the boards if its basic building block, the family, is removed as a valid building block. Ron Hubbard had repeatedly announced that his son Quentin would succeed him after his death, but Quentin died of an apparent suicide in After claiming that the cause of homosexuality was a fixation on a dominant parent of the opposite sex, he advised, "Break this life continuum concept by running sympathy and grief for the dominant parent and then run off the desires to be an effect and their failures and the homosexual is rehabilitated.

Gay indo

Sexual perversion, a category in which he included homosexuality, was termed "covert hostility" and given a score of 1. In this level is the slime of society, the sex criminals, the political subversives, the people whose apparently rational activities are yet but the devious writhings of secret hate. A Brief Survey of Research Projects and Preliminary Results, a booklet providing the results of psychometric tests conducted on 88 people undergoing Dianetics therapy.

Gay indo

Gay indo

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  1. Homosexuals don't practice love; 1. Occasionally they manage an ineffectual tantrum.

  2. It was incorrectly included and named when it should have never been on the list to begin with.

  3. A culture will go by the boards if its basic building block, the family, is removed as a valid building block.

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