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Video about gaytruckers:

Whether you log in or log off you will still be a critical number as it sells your account as a potential advertising comsumer waiting to be won over. Our country does much better at offering medical care for migrant workers than for truckers, despite the fact that there are 3.


Either way I would say that you should vent your frustrations to the leadership of Tumblr but ultimatly it will do little good. You walk this weird line. There are truckers whose gay sex lives are active only when they are on the road.



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  1. To those of you who enjoy the masculine appeal of blue collar men, especially truckers, I bid you a farewell and best wishes. Thank you for the years of private messages and support.

  2. There are huge problems with obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes related to the sedentary nature of the work. Is there any truth to the rumor that blue running board lights or a purple cab light signify that a trucker is gay?

  3. I returned to college and got my degree through the creative writing program at Seattle Pacific University where I was the first openly gay graduate of that program.

  4. It has some serious problems involving health and medical care. I have lost hundreds of truckers and dispatchers to AIDS.

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