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Google is working on near human ability to translate through machine learning and the translation accuracy continues to evolve and improve. We are new and there is still plenty of space for us to individually grow within our own unique niche before we start stepping on any toes, so our immediate focus is dedicated to our own success.


When GlobeChat is successful, stereotypes and walls that divide us fall and the world is more unified. When traveling, it was extremely frustrating to not have the ability to simply meet locals and communicate. This represents a significant shift in social media from the timelines and news feeds typified by Facebook and Twitter to one-to-one messaging beginning to dominate social media.



Globechah straightforward that we have supplementary a delightful relationship with one globechat the largest, most heeled overseas development companies. Our faithful pending multi-lingual simultaneous screen translation feature and our enthusiastic global pat folk proceeding us highly unique. globechat Globechat

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  1. I wanted to create a platform that simply allowed the ability to easily communicate with anyone in the world.

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