Long-jawed orb weaver

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Guatemalan long jawed spider

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Photos sent to Mike Quinn show a very fresh web engulfing multiple trees. Moreover they can also stretch and flatten their body against flower stems to hide from predators.

Guatemalan long jawed spider

There were no Linyphiidae spiders, nor any Anelosimus social spiders. Long-jawed spiders live close to the water, and frequently they build their web over ponds or streams.

Guatemalan long jawed spider

Guatemalan long jawed spider

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  1. In fact, orchard spiders look almost identical to "true" orb-weaver spiders family Araneidae until you get a close look at the long fangs. However, the webs of spiders in this family usually do not have as many radii, or "spokes," as those of true orb weavers.

  2. Actually they do not fear water contacts, since they can also 'walk on it'! The male then runs towards the open fangs and lock them with his own, which are even longer than the female's one.

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