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Gwinnett county online

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By offering more services and broadening the scope of outreach, GCPL has become more visible in the community, subsequently developing trust and dependability and an active collaborative relationship with our new partners. When library employees are working with the public or out in the community, we are finding more and more that citizens are aware of the work we do in conjunction with other organizations.

Gwinnett county online

The ultimate goal is community service, not just partnership for the sake of partnership. With limited staffing, our ability to spend large amounts of time with customers on technology and reference interactions was restricted. For example, we have partnered with the Latino Association to reach out to the Hispanic community with bilingual storytimes, English language proficiency classes, immigration assistance and more.

Gwinnett county online

Gwinnett county online

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  1. Over the course of three years the library lost almost 25 percent of its budget and funding levels have still not recovered a decade later.

  2. Please include as much information as you can such as your name, case number or citation number, and your phone number. A staff team was also created to go branch to branch to discuss the coming changes and how best to prepare.

  3. The structural and technological changes enabled much of what we didóremoval of the help desks; creation of mobile librarians equipped with a full suite of tools; increased access for cardholders through automated systems; Genius Baróstyle reservation systems for connecting customers with highly trained library staff; and self-check kiosks that add value to each interaction.

  4. But getting staff to give up the help deskóan institution of almost every library since time immemorialówould not be easy. There were also a number of legal, bureaucratic, technological, and organizational challenges that would have to be overcome.

  5. The weekly webinars were used as an opportunity to discuss the project in depth and to answer questions from staff. There were also a number of legal, bureaucratic, technological, and organizational challenges that would have to be overcome.

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